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12/04/2009 12:26

Over 60 and Going Strong

Some of our parish members(Delores Hall, Barbara Lee, Lottie Morton and Delores Rashid) appeared on the Diocese Newspaper (Monitor) this week. It was a article about Senior living.  
19/03/2009 10:25

Homeless Meals

 The meals for the Homeless in-outreach ministry clearly bring hope and the good news message of Christ to the hungry, poor, and disenfranchised. Our presence is an outward sign, witness, and action, that are the ministry and message of Jesus Christ. We nourish our Brothers and Sisters in...
19/03/2009 10:08

Catholics with Desabilities

  CDN 2009 Plan ·         Transport disabled parishioners to Sunday services at least once a month; possibly 2“d Sunday Increase membership, including volunteers; ·         Participate in National...
08/01/2009 12:48

Prayer at final Mass OLDS site – December 21, 2008

BY Michael I. Days Dear God, We know we have come this far by faith. So we want to just take a little time Lord to say, thank you. Thank you for guiding our elders back in 1941 to petition then Bishop William Griffin to develop a house of worship. They had come to Trenton mostly from the south to...
07/01/2009 09:35


  Blessed Sacrament/Our Lady of the Divine Shepherd Church Pennington Avenue site: 72 Pennington Ave. Trenton, NJ 08618 Bellevue Ave. site: 716 Bellevue Ave. 08618   ATTN: NEWS EDITORS AND RELIGION EDITORS FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   DECEMBER 16, 2008   Final Mass at OLDS Site The...
06/01/2009 15:24


By Mary Stadnyk Bittersweet memories and sentiments tinged with emotions of sadness, hope and anticipation were expressed by parishioners from Blessed Sacrament-Our Lady of the Divine Shepherd Parish, Trenton. They witnessed the closing of the building that was their spiritual home, Our Lady of the...
06/01/2009 15:23


Parishioners from Blessed Sacrament—Our Lady of the Divine Shepherd Parish expressed mixed emotions on the closing of Our Lady of the Divine Shepherd Church in Trenton. "It’s hard to say in a few minutes about all that I’ve been feeling," said Frances Scott, who is in the third of five generations...
21/12/2008 16:45

Our Lady of Divine Shepherd hosts final Mass at 11 a.m. today

from Our Lady of the Divine Shephard Church on Pennington Avenue in Trenton is holding its last Mass at 11 a.m. today, as church members bid the church a final farewell. The church been around for 68 years as the spiritual home for Greater Trenton’s African-American Roman...
17/12/2008 00:36


  BELLEVUE AND HERMITAGE AVENITES   The Blessed Sacrament parish, which was created in 1912, has experienced a marvellous development, owing largely to the sudden growth of Catholic population, following the general residential trend towards the West End. A valuable and well-located...
17/12/2008 00:16

The ring is a symbol of Sister Marcia’s commitment to Christ.

As a youngster growing up in Trenton, N.J., Sister Marcia Hall, O.S.P., was so awed by the Oblate Sisters of Providence who taught in her parish elementary school that she thought she should become one. The African-American Sisters car­ried themselves in a graceful, con­fident way that reflected...

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