Daily Readings and Reflections

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Daily Reflections

Watch a video reflection on the day's scripture. You can also read or listen to the daily readings from the New American Bible.


The Sacraments:

Msgr. John Zenz, of the archdiocese of Detroit, walks us through the seven sacraments of the church.


One to One

Interviews with celebrities and people of note with inspiring testamonials of faith along with Questions and Answers on important church topics.



‘God is the foundation for human rights,’ instructs Holy Father


Pope: Mary reflects the beauty that saves the world



CNA and Franciscan Foundation launch effort to keep Christians in the Holy Land




Argentinean priest receives award for work with the poor in Madagascar


John XXIII’s openness to the Holy Spirit made Vatican II possible, Pope observes


Cardinal Hummes: The priesthood can only be lived radically



Pope sends video to U.S.-- I come to share the hope of Christ

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