Youth Ministry

10/12/2008 20:58

Our youth activities promote our values and help build lifelong friendships

Developing and promoting youth activities is an important part of our church. Here we will discuss what we are doing to assist in the growth of our youth. The church offers several activities for our younger members. Come and Enjoy it with us.    
10/12/2008 20:59


12/12/2008 22:27

John Paul II & Youth

  Inpirational video with John Paul II and youth encounters, including Spain and Chile.  
15/12/2008 22:25

How can you, as a young Catholic, bring your faith to the public square?

  See what other teens are doing to make a difference in their communities.


Life Teen


Life Teen is an international Catholic movement that serves the Church by providing resources and faith experiences that help lead teens closer to Christ. This is accomplished through a vibrant Eucharistic spirituality and by creating widespread opportunities for teens to grow in their faith. click the picture below to go to the webpage.

 Visitation community living home for mentally handicapped adults.A very moving video.

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